Employer Services

We provide a number of services designed to help employers fill their workforce with skilled, job-ready employees.

Our team will work with you to find the best solution in meeting your organization’s employment and training needs at no cost.


On-The-Job Training

-Hands-on training you design

-Up to 50% of new employees wages compensated during training

-Employer receives direct reimbursement

-Training may last up to 6 months

-Employer must pay at least $10 per hour

-Qualified candidates will be referred to you

-You will evaluate and hire the candidates of your choice


Work Experience

-Hands-on training you design

-Eastern Indiana Works pays 100% of the wages directly to worker

-Training may last up to 6 weeks

-Qualified candidates will be referred to you

-Employer endorses worker as a reference

-Employer has first right to hire worker full-time


Apprenticeships (DOL Recognized)

-Hands-on training you design

-Prepare workers for a desired trade or profession

-Industry issued, nationally recognized credentials

-Incremental wage increases as proficiency progresses

-Continued labor for agreed period of time